Upcountry Maui Alternative Middle/High School

Located in Hawaii, Clearview Christian Girls School and Upcountry Academy High (grades 6-12) offer 21st Century academics in a supportive environment. Creativity is valued, physical and moral qualities are strengthened, while rigorous academics prepare students for future success.

Our school's mission is to provide a safe place for adolescent girls to develop to their highest potential academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually with respect to their culture and unique abilities.

Lawe i ka ma’alea a ku’ono’ono.
Translation: Acquire skill and make it deep.
Explanation: If you want to become really good at anything, you’ve got to study hard and practice long until it gets deep and becomes a part of you. --Mary Kawena Pukui

Useful Features for our School's App:
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-Location Services
-Lessons Notes
-Photo Gallery
-Social Media Integration
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